Something is off……

I just came back from Uni and I’m very worried… It may be just my idea, but I think a lot of people know and gossip about my relationship. I really don’t know how to handle it, and even more, what to do with K, whose behaviour has changed dramatically… He looks very upset all the time and he lashes out easily at everyone. Especially me! I think he can also see that people know and he has freaked out. I tried to talk to him about it, but he didn’t even want me to be around him. He kept avoiding me all day long. God… What am I gonna do?


Love exploring <3

It was an enjoyable weekend since I explored new areas of the city and I have to admit that I found some great places for shopping (new dresses in my wardrobe!!), eating and drinking. I had the best hot chocolate ever at a café by the canals with many classmates and I definitely want to repeat all this stuff. Everything was great! But just a question…



Late night studies…

The night shift at the library is killing me, it’s pretty clear now. What I’m going to do? I have four morning classes at Uni, hopefully two out of four will be taught by my favourite teacher; so I can sleep a little bit more these days. But I don’t think I can rely on him cause although I did exactly what he told me for the assignment, he graded me with a 2.2…From the other hand, when we had that chat in the library he was so sweet and supportive. Yess… Yesss… I know he is double my age but I don’t know, there is sth about this man that I cannot explain, maybe the grey temples…

World of Warcraft is always there <3

Just came back from Uni and I’m sooo tired. All I need now is just to have a hot bath and then chill out playing WoW for hours. It’s an opportunity since I have a day off from the library. Plus, I’m still so mad at those girls who were talking provocatively about me just behind me in the classroom, that I really need to occupy my mind with something… If only I knew what they were talking about…

Vintage shopping!

Well, after that walk in Digbeth I just want to open my shopping bags and try my new vintage clothes on, in front of the mirror. That vintage shop is great! Whenever I visit it I feel like I went to a journey back in those days, when people’s taste was so great. I wish I had lived back then. I can hardly wait to try on my new dress and go to my evening class.


It’s been a long day..

Well this is just great. I stayed up late at night playing World of Warcraft and now i’m paying for it… Late at work feeling like a walking zombie.. However my female Night Elf is looking fab! I went raiding with the guild and I was lucky enough to get some rare loot, I haven’t been this excited since my friend got me George Clooney underwear 😀 #sorrynotsorry


Amazing blog everyone should have a look! This blog is focused on writing and photography by author Kenan Malik. I love cellos ❤


I picked up my cello again recently after a couple of years in which I have been too busy to practice. So it seemed a good time to post again some of my cello photos. There are few musical instruments that are as beguiling to the ear. There are also few that are as bewitching to the eye. And, as I have observed before, these photos may be a better tribute to the cello than my playing ever will be.













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Saint Patricks Day!

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God I love parades!! I have been feeling swamped with uni and work and the parade couldn’t have come at a better time! (and yes I do realize it’s the same date every year, thank you). Went to town with my girlies and got a little wild!! After the parade we also went to this quirky pub that makes some amazing cocktails, I might be in love! Great music, vintage atmosphere and unbeatable cocktails, I will be certainly going back! On another note, I have been searching for a new book to get immersed into, any of you lovely people have any recommendations?

Please let me know!

Hello everyone!

This is gonna be sort of a diary kind of blog where I basically write my thoughts down! Feel free to browse around and comment! If you like George Clooney, vintage things and books you will most definitely enjoy it! Oh and I enjoy playing World of Warcraft so expect some nerdiness as well 🙂